Agile meetings like you’re in the same room

Video conferencing solution with Poker Planning, Post-its drawing & more.

Retrolution Features

Retrolution is the only video conferencing tool dedicated to agile ceremonies. It provides awesome features for all participants and superpowers to the facilitator.


We know facilitating a large group discussion can be hard. To help you, we introduced the Fishbowl view. Use it, and keep the discussion organised.

Poker Planning

Get quickly everybody's opinion and get more time to discuss user stories.

Post-its drawing

Keep the activities that you usually use, such as sprint weather report, or Emoticon Project Gauge.

High-quality Video conference

We are just like you and hate dealing with low-quality audio and video. That is why we use the best solution available.

No installation

We want our solution to be as smooth as possible to be adopted. That is why we don't require you to install anything when joining a call

Export everything

After the meeting, download every vote and drawing so you can track and deep-dive later into the data


Focus on People

Video allows you to have an energic meeting and keep everybody's attention. See peopleś reactions, and thanks to the visual feedback they provide, you can continuously adapt.

Florian Traverse
Founder, Rocksolead - Software development agency.
“Most agile tools focus on the processes instead of the people. Retrolution is different and allows me to be a good facilitator. At least, that's what people say.”

Communicate and gather live feedback

Thanks to our build-in features dedicated to agile teams, run questions and get everybody's answers without blinking. See people's answers, and run the discussion.

Lou Fedon
Director of Engineering - 365Talents
“When running a meeting with Retrolution, I really feel like we are all in the same room.”

Come back and continuously improve

When you come back to your next meeting, see the decisions of the last meeting so you can review them. Gather feedback and track history. See your team progress over iterations.

Charles Bradley
Professional Scrum Trainer, ScrumCrazy.com
“Teams actually improve more often and quicker due to heightened transparency on Retro action items”

About Us


Our Mission

Our mission is to help companies in their transformation to become more Agile, efficient but also responsible and better places to work. We believe that to do so, companies and management have to be more people-oriented and bottom-up.

  • Provide collaborative tools
  • Help teams in their agile journey
  • Empower people

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Our Team

Gathered by our objectives, we pool our skills to create the product that will be most useful to you.


Maxence Dalmais

Founder and Developer

Passionate about technology, I am committed to developing useful and innovative products. As a developer, I worked in many Agile organizations before founding Retrolution.


Lyon Start Up

Training and Support for Startup

Lyon Startup Up helps me to acquire the good mindset and broaden my skills. It is also an awesome network of benevolent innovator.


Social Desk

Digital Marketing and acquisition

SocialDesk helps us to refine the value proposition by using it's unique expertise and iterative methodology